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Intro Letter from the New Presidents
We wanted to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves as the new MNLGLL co-presidents...
Planning on buying a new bat?
All bats need to comply with Little Leagues rules and be listed on...
Intro Letter from the New Presidents

We wanted to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves as the new MNLGLL co-presidents - Rob Hoxie and Rob Hansen.

Both of us have been involved in the league for a period of years and are excited to continue to work with all of our outstanding volunteers to ensure that your sons and daughters get the most out of their baseball experience.  We are grateful to be able to hit the ground running due to the vast experience of our fellow Executive Board members, Mike Merchant (Secretary), Mark Deitelbaum (Treasurer) and Gary Schulte (Player Agent), as well as extended board members like Dan Maxwell (Equipment Manager), Carl DeProfio (Field Maintenance Coordinator), Joe Trapani (Umpire Coordinator & District Board Member), Tara Rainey (Concession Stand Coordinator) and Bob Fortier (Safety Director).



As time goes on we'll be announcing appointments to other league positions and likely creating new positions entirely.  We'd like YOU to consider offering to volunteer.  It's the only way the league will continue to survive and thrive.  As previously announced, we're looking for Managers for the Fall season to email us their interest in doing so for all divisions and/or show up at the Aug 17 league meeting @ 8pm at the Elk's Club.  But we need people to get involved in many other ways.  If interested, please get in touch with us via email, phone or meetings soon.  All of the extended board leaders, announced and to be announced, can use at least some help.  



We encourage YOU to come to league meetings.  Misconception Alert: LEAGUE MEETINGS ARE NOT FOR INSIDERS.  THEY ARE FOR ALL PARENTS OF LITTLE LEAGUE PLAYERS.  We hold 1-2 meetings per month year round. 



There's no getting around the fact money allows us to provide some of the best fields and facilities for our kids in the area and keep the league running strong.  But we can do more.  Fundraising will be a very big focus for us.  We're believers in the theory: "If you do what you've done, you'll get what you've got".  We know there are great and new ideas amongst league parents.  We want to hear them. 



Today is August 1, it must be time to register for FALL BALL!  This may be done on the website.  A few clicks now, will save you scrambling in a few weeks.  And, did we mention we're taking names for FALL BALL managers now? :-) 


If you ever have any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact either one of us.  If we cannot answer your question right away, we will do the best we can to get you a correct and timely response.  Our emails and contact information are here on the website.


Enjoy the rest of the Summer, and we will see you at meetings and on the field soon.  If you're new to meetings, please come introduce yourself before or after.


Rob and Rob


Little League reminds you: It's Just a (great) Game!



by posted 08/01/2015
Planning on buying a new bat?

All bats need to comply with Little Leagues rules and be listed on the Little League list of approved bats. Once the league certifies the bat, we will attach a league sticker so managers and umpires can quickly check for compliance. We ask that you remove any non-compliance bats from your equipment bag as they will not be allowed in the dugout at games or at any team practices. 

Click Here for the Little League approved bat list

by posted 03/21/2012
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