Site Director Responsibilities | Milford Little League - Milford Connecticut

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Site Director Responsibilities


  1. Snack Stands must be opened if you are the first game of the day. Closed if you are the last game of the day.
  2. Site Directors are not allowed to coach or manage during their shift.
  3. Per Little League rules there will be an umpire at each game over the age of 18. If umpires are under the age of 18 you will act as the head umpire and mediate any disputes. ?
  4. Upon arrival check in with all managers and umpires, let them know that you are on site. You are also required to sign the log book located in the snack stand. Please arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the first pitch.
  5. You are required to stay on site until the completion of your scheduled games. Please remember that you are responsible for both fields at the site that you are game official for.  In the rare case that there is no game on the small field, please ensure no one is playing "pickup" games on the field.
  1. In the event of a serious injury to a player, gather any information and report back to VJ Sarullo and Dawn Fanara.
  1. Your responsibilities also include:

a.       Hat Collection  – Make sure the collections are done and brought to the snack stand. It should be done by the home team in the 4th inning at both fields.

b.      Snack Stand – Make sure parents from both teams are in the snack stand; assist with any problems or questions they might have.

c.       Bathrooms – Make sure they are open, have toilet paper and are picked up.

d.      Fields - Keep the field and bleacher areas clean by picking up any loose trash.

e.       Fans – Address any fan or visitor issues.


  1. After the games are over:

a.       Trash cans need to be emptied.

b.      Make sure coaches from both teams rake and prep the field and empty dugout trash cans.

c.       If it’s the final game of the day gates and doors and bathrooms need to be locked.

d.      Locate Garbage cans for city pickup.