F.A.Q | Milford Little League - Milford Connecticut

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Q: There are three youth baseball leagues in Milford, which one should I Join?
A: There are only two official Little Leagues in Milford, ourselves and Milford International, the other youth baseball leagues are not part of Little League Baseball. If you live in the JFK, Pumpkin Delight, Meadowside, Mathewson, or Orange ave (prior to the 2010 redistricting) school districts, you belong here. if you live in the Live Oaks, Orachard Hills, or Calf Pasture (prior to the 2010 redistricting) School districts, you should contact Milford International www.millonline.org

Click Here for the League Boundary Map.

Q: what equipment do I need to purchase for my child?

A: Players are required to have a baseball glove, white baseball pants, baseball cleats, and personal protection. T-Ball players are not required to have cleats but they may be worn. The League will prove baseball jersey, hat, socks, batting helmets, and catchers gear. Most players provide their own bats, all bats must be on Little Leagues approved bat list. Other optional equipment players may bring into the dugout include batting gloves, and personal batting helmets. Weighted warm-up batting doughnuts ARE NOT ALLOWED on any Little League field or practice field. For a list of glove and bat sizes, click here

Q: Which division should my child play in?

A: We currently offer five divisions based on the players league age, league age is how old you are on April 30th of this year. Tee-Ball ages 4-6, Coach Pitch ages 7-8, Farm ages 9-10, Major ages 11-12, Senior ages 13-15. We discourage players from playing outside of their age group, the exception is for 6 year olds who have played at least one year of Tee-Ball and have the ability to play in Coach pitch with the 7 and 8 year olds.
 Q: can my son be on the same team as his friends?

 A: We play competitive baseball in the Coach Pitch, Farm, and Major Divisions. All teams are drafted to try and achieve competitive balance, therefore we do not allow players to choose which team they play on. In Tee-Ball we try and accommodate personal requests. 

Q: What is the game and practice schedule?

A: The game schedule is usually available around the April 1st. Major division teams play about 3 times a week, Farm and Coach pitch generally play twice a week with an occasional 3rd game, Tee-Ball usually plays once a week with an occasional 2nd game. Game days and times will vary week to week. Practice schedules are set by each team's manager and can vary greatly, the older divisions will practice more than the younger divisions.